Learn by playing along

Repeat & loop

Play tracks or regions within them over and over again. Each song you practice will remember the loop markers you set.

Make practice easy

Use the Voice Announcer to tell you what track is coming next, Count In to see when the track starts, and Slow mode when you can't keep up.


Make Setlists to plan and rehearse your band's shows. Send the track listings to other members.


Really useful app. I’ve been using it to practice some difficult songs and the scrubber feature is so much better than anything else I’ve used. Also the marker feature for looping sections of a song has helped me nail things I struggled with before. Great app.

★★★★★ — catamaran410

This is exactly what I was after - allows me to focus on a section of the song I’m learning and loop it perfectly so I can get it just right.

★★★★★ — capnlukeron

Designed for Music Practice

Soundproof is built by musicians for musicians. We couldn't find any apps that would let us easily loop parts of a song to play along with. So we took all the normal fussy music app controls and threw them away, making the controls you use the most big and easy to hit.

The play button is huge, the track position slider is easy to interact with and the current time is displayed in very large type when you need it. The volume controls and slow-down button are always on screen, and you can swipe the track title to move through your list of practice songs.

Commonly used toggle switches for the voice announcer, count-in and count-in clicks appear when needed so you don’t have to dig around in the Settings screen.

A photo of a left hand playing an F sharp with middle finger on an electric piano keyboard
A photo of a hand on the fingerboard of a steel-stringed acoustic guitar, with a blurred background scene of objects in the room. The fingernails on the hand have been bitten very short.
A photo of the arms and hands of a young person in a plaid shirt with both hands resting on the keys of a synthesizer keyboard that features many manual control dials

Music practice in Education

Teachers can use Soundproof in groups or one-to-one lessons for music, languages or other audio-based topics. You can prepare setlists in advance and have the students listen with voice announcements of each track as it begins.

Peripatetic music teachers can use Soundproof to play songs on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad during instrument lessons and send the track listing to the student by Message or Mail for practice later at home[1].

Schools can purchase Soundproof using the App Store’s bulk educational discounts program.

Free copies for teachers

Do you teach music or dance? We give away free copies of Soundproof to teachers and educators, just make a request for a promo code here.

[1] Tracks are not included in shared setlists. Soundproof does not currently include an iPad version but the iPhone version works with the standard zoom mode.