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Soundproof is a music player for people who need to practise, whether they are learning how to play or sing songs, rehearsing band set lists or studying. Even when you have a guitar on your lap, sitting at your drum kit, or have your phone on a stand, the large, easy to hit controls will give you a hassle-free practice session.


Always repeating player so that you can keep practising until you've had enough.

Repeat Markers allow you to repeat just part of a track.

Count-In screen that's great for getting readymar, especially for those tracks that start immediately.

Voice announcements that let you know which track is coming up next.

Setlists for making your own musical workouts, revision sessions or actual setlists for performance.

Automatic statistics track your daily and weekly practice times

Oversized time slider to help you find the right place in a track even if you're balancing an instrument

A large play button so that it is always easy to start and stop your practice.

Sharing of Setlists with band mates or friends

Shake—to—restart the current track or Repeat Markers.

Track history remembers which tracks you have used from your device's Music Library.

Remote control headphone support. Put your device in your pocket and control the player from your headphone remote.

Accessibility is excellent with detailed VoiceOver support.

NOTE: You create Setlists with tracks from your device's Music library. Soundproof does not import audio from other sources.


Soundproof is only $4.99 with all features unlocked.

We also offer free copies to Music Educators on a first-come, first-served basis.


Screenshot: Player
Screenshot: Repeat Markers Mode
Screenshot: Count In
Screenshot: Oversized Time Scrubber
Screenshot: Creating Setlists


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Version 1.0 release date: September 30th, 2014

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Soundproof for iPhone & iPod Touch. A music player made for practice. Create Setlists and repeat parts of tracks.

About the Developers

Montana Floss Co. Ltd. is a small independent app development and consultancy business in Stroud, UK. Soundproof is the first app they have built that has been made available to the public.

We designed Soundproof to solve a problem that we had ourselves. We՚d sit down to play along with a song and become frustrated by player controls. We'd start a song and then miss the beginning, and we'd have to keep finding our playlist each time.

Marc Palmer is the developer, who is learning to play drums and guitar. Adam Hinks is the designer, plays bass and guitar better than Marc, as well as ukelele in the Ukes of Hazard. They work together on product design and argue a lot, in a good way.


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If you require any further details please contact CEO Marc Palmer